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Intuitive Quests

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Our Intuitive Quests provide the tools and support to live your best life in joy and connection to self with clarity.

Maheo’o Reiki Therapy

Using a serene and meditative soft touch, our Reiki healer will guide you, helping to open and align your body, mind, and spirit and attunes the energy flow within the body, allowing for your own natural healing processes to occur. Our Maheo’o Reiki (from Cheyenne, is translated meaning  Great Spirit or God) is a reviving treatment that utilizes Native American tradition of combining  the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire with the Great Spirit to effectively activate and promote healing. This is a subtle, yet revitalizing, light-touch modality- not a traditional massage.

60 minutes – $110

Cranial Sacral Release

This very subtle work (rather than traditional massage) focuses on increasing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the head and spine.  Beneficial to people who suffer from headaches, chronic neck pain, chronic fatigue and problems related to stress and tension.

60 minutes – $110

Chakra Balancing

According to Tantric tradition, everyone has seven energy centers that serve as junction points between the body and spirit. These spinning vortices, called chakras in Sanskrit, receive and express our vital life energy. When the chakras becomes blocked, we may develop physical and mental illnesses. By removing such blockages this enables the body, mind and spirit to function optimally.

60 minutes – $130

Thai Yoga Massage

Practiced in Thailand for over 2,000 years, Thai massage — also known as yoga massage, Thai yoga massage and ancient massage — works to clear energy blockages and restore balance and harmony to the body. The practice combines typical Westernized massage therapy practices, including myofascial release and trigger point therapy, with light stretching similar to that of yoga. It has even earned the name “lazy man’s yoga.” Like yoga, Thai massage helps to strengthen the body and increase flexibility, while allowing the client to benefit from the relaxation and healing properties of massage.

Rather than using a massage table, Thai massage is administered to fully clothed clients on floor mats. Practitioners use their own body weight to position clients into yoga-like forms while instructing clients on proper breathing for maximum results.

90 minutes – $180

Take-Out Thai

Discover the lasting benefits and fundamentals of giving and receiving Thai massage. Enjoy private instruction on how to massage your loved one while focusing on their individual needs. Learning Thai massage techniques will help in teaching communication and trust. This service is ideal for couples or close friends interested in learning how communicate non-verbally and learn centuries-old massage techniques that you can do at home.

100 minutes –  $165

Cupping Therapy

This 3500 yr-old Chinese therapy is based on opening the five meridians along the back using suction created by warmed glass cups. These meridians, when open, are pathways in the body which the energy of life called Qi (“chi”) flows through.  The suction and massage from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues causing stimulation of the lymphatic system, increasing flow through blood vessels, and gently stretching trigger points within tight muscles.

Calming Cupping $90
Therapeutic Cupping with Brooke $130

Colorpuncture Therapy

Colorpuncture involves balancing the energy flow along the meridians of the body by focusing different colored lights on acupuncture points in order to create healing impulses in our physical and energy bodies.  No needles are used. Each color consists of different wavelength and frequencies of light, and therefore communicates different energy information to our cells. As the light and pressure is absorbed by the skin and transmitted to the body, it stimulates intra-cellular communication which supports healing.



This ancient therapy restores inner calm to the mind and balances emotions. The treatment begins with the application of a gentle stream of warm herbal oil poured continuously over the forehead area of the “third eye” and massaged into the hair and scalp.  During this time, you may choose from one of the following:

  • Herbal body exfoliation
  • Ayurvedic relaxation massage
  • Chakra-balancing crystal therapy and massage
  • Reiki Therapy
60 minutes *COMING SOON!*

Burden Basket Meditation

Historically, Burden baskets were used by Native women as carrying baskets to “bear all burdens”. Leave your “burdens in a basket” by working one-on-one with our therapists in guided meditation to learn techniques for stress reduction, visualization and connection with your inner being. The session will include a private consultation and meditation session, including visualization and energy balance.

60 minutes – single $100 or duet $130 ea
90 minutes – single $140 or duet $160 ea