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Elemental Journeys Spa Rituals

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Our special spa rituals are inspired by the beauty and natural energy of the land, indigenous plants, water, stones and crystals, and other natural elements. When combined with the healing power of massage, these are complete holistic, Live-Healthytransformational spa journeys.

Desert Rain Ritual

The perfect service to rejuvenate both your body and mind, Our Desert Raindrop Therapy treatment incorporates some Lakota Native American traditions into your service. The rejuvenating 90-minute experience begins with you lying face down on the treatment table as some sage is burned to clear all the negative energy from the room. Your artisan will then slowly walk around the treatment table as he/she burns some sweet grass to help bring some positive energy into the room and—hopefully—your life.  A rain stick ritual is done over your entire body to prepare it for the massage.

Once you’re surrounded by positive energy, some balancing and detoxifying essential oils will be cascaded along your feet and back. You artisan will begin with your feet, quickly applying several drops down the middle of your soles before applying some pressure to various pressure points found on the bottom of your feet. Then he/she will move on to your back, where they will apply seven essential oils along your spine: oregano, which aids in calming food cravings related to emotional eating; sage, which clears negative energy; basil, which promotes digestion and circulation; wintergreen, which acts as a pain reliever and helps to balance fiery emotions; cedarwood, which relieves stress; clary sage, which balances your hormones; and peppermint, which acts as a mental stimulant. These are then layered into your body in sequence one by one. After the spa artisan places several drops of each oil along your spine like raindrops, she will gently massage the oil into your skin with her fingertips or a feather to lightly massage the drops of oil into your skin before moving on to the next application (don’t worry, your back will be treated to a more in-depth massage later on). Once all the oils have been applied, a warm towel will be placed on your back to help open up your pores so that your body can truly absorb all of the oils’ benefits.

While the oils work their magic, your artisan will massage the backside of your legs to help soothe away any tension. Then he/she will remove the towel so that they can massage your back, kneading away any painful muscle kinks you might have with rainsticks. You’ll then be asked to flip over on the treatment table so that your artisan can massage your front side, too, including your arms and neck. The treatment concludes with a heavenly scalp massage followed by another burning ceremony, guaranteeing to ward off any negative energy and leave you feeling peaceful, positive and pain-free.

90 minutes – $190

Sage & Sweetgrass Ritual

The aromatic, healing herbs of Sage & Sweetgrass are used throughout this treatment, including  a desert clay wrap and sage essential oil rehydration. This purifying, energizing therapy begins with a dry body brushing and is enriched with the ritual smudging of white sage and sweetgrass. To Native Americans, sage is a powerful medicine and purifier and is burned to establish a sacred boundary against negativity. Braided sweetgrass reminds us of Mother Earth and is believed to carry the deep wisdom of the Earth. Its smoke is used to call blessings and send prayers to the Great Spirit.

90 minutes – $190

Turquoise Blue Sage Body Ritual

Turquoise is not only one of the earth’s most beautiful colors, it’s also seen as a color of protection, self-confidence, and positive energy. In this healing ritual that uses the ancient wisdom of the Native American people, you are literally enveloped in the energies of the sacred turquoise gemstones, offering a deeply relaxing experience for body and soul. Begin with a  Hopi blue cornmeal body buff  followed by mineral-rich Turquoise Desert Salt Body Polish to cleanse and awaken the skin followed by a cocoon wrap with a Turquoise Desert Clay Body Mask enriched with a subtle blend of essential oils and the energy of turquoise. As you soak up the wrap and its skin-purifying benefits, a therapist performs a cleansing “rain stick ritual” with traditional essential oils. The ritual continues with a balancing and re-hydrating full-body massage using Turquoise Sage Massage Oil. The service wraps up with a warm shower and a layer of luxe moisturizer to hydrate and soothe skin. Finally, experience an energy ritual using desert sage to heal the aura and turquoise gemstones to strengthen and balance the body and spirit.


NAHTOGIG – Blessing of the Four Directions

Everything in nature works in a cycle, a circle turning that reflects the seasonal changes we undergo throughout our lifetimes and the healing potential within us and around us. This is symbolized by both the round kiva and the Native American Medicine Wheel and serves as the inspiration for this restorative treatment. Your artisan will begin this ritual with a sage clearing and blessing, honoring the directions of the four winds, then will craft a Medicine Wheel based on your needs. Local indigenous ingredients to represent the elements of sunset, illumination, sandstorm and water: Pomegranate, Salt, Honey and Blue Cornmeal are combined to create a beautiful body treatment that exfoliates and nourishes the skin. Next, soak undisturbed in your ritual bath infused with sage oil. The experience continues with a Sacred Stone Massage using our house crafted Spirit blend oil. A perfect signature spa experience created for leaving behind the stresses of the day and reconnecting with the Earth and oneself.

110 minutes – $250 *COMING SOON!*

The Butterfly (K’aalógii ) Ritual

A Navajo myth states that Butterfly was the first to use color as a form of attraction and revelation of beauty.  Just as butterflies symbolize a beautiful transformation and regeneration, they are also believed to be  messengers from the spirit world. The message the butterfly brings depends their color- yellow brings hope and guidance, green- loving who you are, brown signifies good news, purple creates clarity, blue brings expression of truth, red signifies upcoming abundance, and white signifies good luck and wisdom. This ritual is truly transformative and includes a shoulder, neck, and scalp massage and  a facial care treatment rooted in sacred rejuvenative healing practices of painting the face and upper body with essential oils in the colors of the messenger to usher in your own transformation.  Pampering therapeutic elements that stimulate the senses, such as aromatherapy, essential oils of fruits & flowers, combined with the healing power of touch, release the negative energies of stress and fatigue. This relaxing and purifying ritual will regenerate your peaceful energy and beauty, just like a butterfly.


7 Chakra Ascension Therapy

This uplifting therapy restores your seven basic energy centers known as chakras. A gentle exfoliation using warmed dosha-specific oils and herbs uplifts the spirit, while a light massage soothes the body into a more relaxed state of being.  Shirodhara is used to harmonize an eased mind with the body so it can repair itself. The shirodhara oil is lavishly massaged into the scalp, followed by a facial and decollete massage.  Next, the body is draped with chakra corresponding crystals in an ascent from the first chakra upward toward the crown chakra.  Reiki therapy is performed to clear and balance each chakra.


Herbal Inhalation Sauna

The tradition of the herbal sauna, much like the art of massage, is an ancient one passed from generation to generation in Thai monasteries and Native American Sweat Lodges. Our artisan will first lightly massage an essential oil blend into your skin.  An herbal gathering is made of medicinal plants created for your specific needs or a Sage & Sweetgrass signature aromatic herbal blend of turmeric, lemongrass, bergamot, lime, camphor tree leaves, cedar, and sage is infused into the gentle steam of our sauna.  The steam of the sauna supports the detoxification process by promoting the release of toxins through perspiration. It also enhances circulation and decreases blood pressure, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, relieves muscle pain and tension, and boosts immunity.

One can also find relief from respiratory conditions such as sinusitis, asthma and allergies.   Typically, guests are in the sauna for a short intervals of 5-10 minutes, alternating with a cool shower. Then to achieve the best effect, the total time in the steam room should be 20 minutes. The herbal sauna helps cleanse the body, restore vitality, and returns the body to a state of ease.