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START HERE: Dermalab Complete Skin Analysis & Customized Skincare Prescriptions

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Want beautiful, healthy skin, but not sure where to start?


Dermalab Complete Skin Analysis and Customized Treatment Plan: a whole new level of skincare because it’s created just for YOU!

Not seeing results from your current skincare products?

They may not be exactly what you need.

Your skin’s health and vitality are an important part of taking great care of yourself.  Our philosophy is that your skin can’t be optimally improved with products or treatments without first knowing the critical aspects of your skin’s structure, function, and unique biochemistry.

As individual as your fingerprint, your skin’s unique physiology and anatomy will be assessed  with a one-of-a-kind process for total skin analysis. Biometric measurements are done using multiple skin data points, then the imaging system provides a very detailed view of your skin. With this process we can take objective measurements to detect UV damage, bacterial counts, moisture level, elasticity, oil production, barrier function, pigmentation, and much more.

From there, we will build a Customized Skincare Plan uniquely for you. Noting your top priorities, then diving into the details, we recommend a plan that totally fits your skin, your needs, and your lifestyle.

This is no cookie-cutter skincare regimen! We carefully choose products and services solely based on our Dermalab findings and your lifestyle needs!

 10 CollagenB&A28 Dr S collagenafter 3mos  9 CollagenB&A1

The images are our actual patients’ Dermal Ultrasound, measuring collagen in the skin: Before & After 3 months of customized product use, including collagen-boosting serums, hydrators, exfoliants, and sunscreen.  The brighter whites and yellows you see, the better the collagen! These patients ages ranged from 40yrs to 65yrs old. It’s amazing what we can do for your skin with this knowledge!