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At Sage & Sweetgrass Wellness Spa we are on a mission...
We rise by lifting others, right? Our goal is to show you how to LOVE YOURSELF so you can live a fulfilling life, replenished each day so that you can give your best to your families, loved-ones, and careers, feel de-stressed and un-frazzled, be unabashedly confident in your beauty, and outstandingly able to spread love and light out into the world! IT IS YOUR TIME.
Tall order? Maybe, but we are here to do just that!

Mind, Body, Spirit. As defined by the Native American concept of the Four Winds, the four directions of the earth are bound with the four seasons, the cycles of our life, and our physical well-being.

In harmony with the Southwest’s natural healing and therapeutic powers, Sage & Sweetgrass Wellness Spa seamlessly blends the modern with the ancient. We are most definitely a medical facility, as you will benefit from receiving the most advanced laser and skin-tightening treatments from our Medical Aestheticians, Certified Laser Technicians, and Botox and dermal fillers from our in-house plastic surgeon Dr. Alina Sholar, yet find all this in a remarkable luxury spa atmosphere.
Here, science and nature, therapy and mystery, beauty and peace are intertwined, offering an experience as luxurious as it is therapeutic and as magical as it is real.

Sage & Sweetgrass is truly a unique Austin TX medical spa experience of western medicine + holistic healing and divine indulgence derived from one unique philosophy of mind, body, and spirit.